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          The current football world is still mero's era, even if both are destined to be the end of their career, but the two are still the absolute focus. In June 2009, Ronaldo joined Real Madrid from Manchester United for a transfer fee of 96 million euros. He only played for Real Madrid for nine years. During his nine years, he played for the team in 438 games, scoring 450 goals and delivering 131 assists. 4 times

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          However, we know that no one knows whether it is a human being or a ghost, and where it is. In the final analysis, bitcoin is just an application of blockchain technology, but it becomes a phenomenal product. It is a kind of game code. Of course, it can be traded. If there is a trade, there will be a price, and if there is a price, someone will speculate. This is no different from philatelic coin collecting, but that's all.


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