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          Lampard is also a bold attempt to change the game, looking forward to testing the effect of team change on the weak team. The manager's bold attempt should be recognized, and the passivity in the process of the game can also be ignored in a win, but the manager still needs to reflect and summarize after this game. Because some players are not suitable for starting, the performance of the two central defenders is quite satisfactory. Alonso is still not in the state, and the tacit understanding between new players and teammates is seriously insufficient.

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          This summer's first warm-up game of 1-1 Brighton, new recruit Werner broke the deadlock in the first four minutes, at that time, people thought that the game might be a big win, but unfortunately, the blues failed to expand the score, and the young player gave a penalty at the end of the game to lead to a draw. The first warm-up game left some regrets, but this is harmless. After all, the warm-up game is mainly to run in the team and let the players gradually adjust their state.

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