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          There is a background for today's A-share trading, that is, the three major indexes of the United States rose very strongly yesterday. A big reason is the North Korea issue. The condemnation case passed by the United Nations is relatively mild, and people's worries about the North Korea issue have eased, so the US index has a relatively large jump and a rise.

          On August 27, Chelsea officials announced the signing of Leicester City left back chilville for a fee of 50 million pounds for five years. Chilville is an English player, the Blues have a double advantage in getting him, and strengthening the defence is also the most important thing before the start of the new season. Chilwell himself is excited to join Chelsea and is eager to see the new season. At present, there are three new arrivals in place, after zieh, Werner and chilwell, as well as Tiago Silva in Paris.


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