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          The most recent hot topic is Messi's joining Manchester City, but now it is a bubble drama. Everything is regrettable. However, such a result is beneficial for other big clubs. The interested teams of Messi can have more planning and contact in advance. One season is enough to complete some impossible things. Although city have consumed some energy because of the efforts to include Messi, it is not too late to replenish the lineup. It is just that some players who come to cast because of Messi's joining the blue moon may also change their minds. City need to speed up the recruitment planning.

          The Shanghai stock index continued the trend of consolidation today, closing down 0.38% to close at 3371.43. The highest point in the session rose to 3391.64, setting a new stage high again. A total transaction volume of 586.3 billion yuan was achieved in the two cities, with the rise and fall of the industry plate showing each other. It is worth noting that Vanke A shares bucked the market today and soared by 6.99%. It was once close to the trading limit and closed at 27.56 yuan, close to the new high in the year.

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