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          It must be mentioned that guara currently has only one year left on his contract with Manchester City. Under such circumstances, a large amount of money is still needed to buy Messi. At such an age, Messi must have such a famous coach as guara to shine brilliantly again. Therefore, Manchester City still need to consider the issue of renewing his contract with him. If it can be confirmed that guara will be in charge for the next few seasons, Messi's arrival may open a brilliant era. There was also news that Messi had reached an agreement with Manchester City on personal terms, and the result was soon to come, but there is still no news to prove that the deal is very difficult.

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          In recent days, the market is cloudy and sunny. In terms of the Shanghai Composite Index, it has been adjusted horizontally for 18 trading days after the upward volume breakthrough on August 28, and the index has tossed back and forth in the space of less than 50 points; Shenzhen market is better, with the Shenzhen Chengzhi index as an example, after the 8.28 breakthrough, it has risen step by step, from 10800 to 11200, which has risen by nearly 400 points.

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