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          At present, Manchester City fans and some neutral fans are looking forward to Messi joining the blue moon of the Premier League, because in this way, there will be more places to look forward to in the new season. It is also extremely possible for Manchester City and Juve to meet each other next season. The two superstars will meet again after changing their owners. There are even fans who want Manchester United to return to Ronaldo, so there will be a more intense Derby in the Premier League. City team has debrourne and Stirling when the year of the big general, Messi joined the words is really gorgeous lineup, the team just need to add defense.

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          In addition, in Leicester City's 1-2 defeat of spurs, chilwell also sent a threat, a pass, three steals, two successes, three saves, one foul and fouled. Leicester City 2-0 Arsenal game, two goals were scored in the second half, the first goal is Pereira and Barnes continuous pass, tilemans cross assists Waldi to break the goal. Shortly after that, Madison extended the score with a return pass from Waldi. Chilwell also passed a threat, a pass, and a clear three times.

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