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          As the next round of the League will be a direct encounter with Liverpool, so this attempt is obviously impossible to continue to the second round, but the pros and cons of this game is conducive to the next six point game. Last season's problem with Chelsea was the instability of the defence and the goalkeeper's performance. Recently, there has been news that the Blues have included new goalkeepers. Kappa's performance this time is really worrying. Obviously, his self-confidence has been hit. He is too cautious in the game, but he appears a little flustered in the face of threats. The team's only goal was from the opponent's long-range shot, and Kepa couldn't reach it. The data after the game showed that he missed more goals in set pieces and long-range shots than other goalkeepers, which also hit the soft spot of the blue goalkeeper.

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          Because from Baoneng's point of view, basically, we don't lose money, even make money. We have made a lot of money. From Xu Jiayin's point of view, Xu Jiayin is crying. Compared with the cost of his selling price, Xu Jiayin now loses more than 16 billion yuan, which is very expensive.



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